Movie Watching

Mike and I don’t get out much to movies – we don’t have a lot of free babysitting options, and our babysitter, who is lovely, is still $12/hour.  So mostly when we have the gumption to watch a movie it has to be at home from the couch.  And even then, it has to be […]

Latest Reading

A few Christmases ago Mike received the first two Hunger Games books.  He read the first one, said it was good, but then never picked up the other ones.  I was too busy dealing with kids, etc. and my own “To Be Read” shelf to really think about them. But around this last Thanksgiving I […]

The Money Pit

In 1986 a movie entitled, “The Money Pit” came out starring Tom Hanks and Shelly Long.  It’s a hilarious tale of a couple who buy a huge house, cheaply, and it turns out to have everything wrong with it, and is on the brink of falling apart.  The movie is sort of a new take […]

Back to NYC and Back to Work for Me

In late October of last year, I ventured off to New York City to visit with my dear friends Rena and Tori and see the Big Apple for the first time.  I had a wonderful visit; we tried lots of different kinds of food (Gorgonzola bread – yum!) , visited many parks and famous sites […]

Water, Water, Everywhere

This post is dedicated to water: pool water, ocean water, and fondant ocean waves… First, a brief update on my swimming: I swam in a Masters swimming competition on March 23rd at the pool where I’ve been training with my coach.  It was nice, since it’s my home pool, and my coach was there, along […]

A Few Little Things (and a Big Boy!)

I haven’t had much time to blog of late – sorry! We’ve been busy, but I wanted to do an update of a few of the things going on – hopefully in small, readable doses. This is Eve: She’s our new dishwasher and we named her after the girl robot in Wall-E.  We love her!  […]

Marshmallows: 1 Fail and 1 Success

I’ve wanted to make homemade marshmallows ever since I went to New York City in October and had the most wonderful hot chocolate at City Bakery.  It’s not your usual hot chocolate, but instead melted chocolate with milk and has been rated the best hot chocolate in the country.  For a little extra money you […]

Birthday Boy

(Actually the title should truly be “Birthday Man”, but I’m a sucker for alliteration…) Today, my beloved husband turns 40.  For him, it’s just a birthday, a number with no special meaning and for myself I doubt that there will be any major changes in his demeanor after he officially enters his fifth decade on […]


I love cooking, baking and reading about cooking and baking, so it’s no surprise that I get two cooking magazines – Cook’s Illustrated and Fine Cooking.  Cook’s Illustrated is all about science and testing and making it perfect, and Fine Cooking is about beautiful pictures and making decadent things – I love them both! The […]

Three-and-a-Half Books

By some sort of miracle, I have managed to finish three books since Christmas and I’m part of the way through a fourth.  Since I had to quit my book club last year because I never had the time to even crack the monthly books, this is awesome!   I’m pretty sure that the housework has […]